The Art of Improvement

About  Ascend

Founded in 2009 as a Division of Cochran Group Corporation, Ascend Educational has serviced thousands of students in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

We customize our services with local CPS, Probation, Courts, State Departments of Education, and local school districts

ASCEND Tutors use a time-proven, research-based method to identify skill gaps and help students to improve.


Positive results in comprehension and retention of material are all by-products of individual instruction. It really works!

ASCEND takes a personalized, individualized instruction route to student improvement.  We have a successful track record in helping students to improve in Language Arts and Math, core subjects critical for success in school, college, and the workplace.

We partner with parents, school districts, and social service agencies to provide high-quality one-to-one and group tutoring services, community based mentoring programs, and anti-truancy programs. There's no substitute for individualized instruction and personal attention.

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